The Audit (2016)

“Anyone who knows anything about this audit….disappears!” ~ Sean McDonough

Plot Summary: The Audit is a political thriller about white collar crime and corruption. The plot centers on a major Boston bank in the city’s financial district that is laundering money for the drug cartel.

Starring William McNamara (Copycat, Stealing Home, Surviving the Game) David Morwick (Trouble with Billy, Little Erin Merryweather) Deborah Twiss (Kick Ass, Blue Bloods) Josh Berresford (Dante’s Cove)Produced by James Shay and Lucas Olivera  Written by David MorwickDirected by Marcus Slabine

My Experience: Directing the Audit was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had directing a film. We shot in my home state and had a lot of people there from when I was growing up as extras. David and I had been friends for over 15 years and had always wanted to work together. One day, a year and a half before shooting I get a call from him telling me about this political thriller script he wanted to do and how he wanted me to direct. I was interesting and then I got the script, read it on the train and was sucked in. I became paranoid that someone was following me on my walk home and I called him and said yes.

The movie was shot in 2 days at 2 separate locations, day 1 was at Johnny Macaroni’s where we had the intense scene between actor William McNamara and David Morwick. The one thing that needed to be perfect was this scene because if it fell flat, the rest of the film would falter. The actors brought there A game and the tension was palpable while shooting the scenes. Working with William and David was a dream come true especially for this scene as they both matched each other’s intensity and really brought the feel and suspense through dialogue alive.

We had massive set ups with huge dolly shots and were under a massive time crunch however we got every shot that I needed and wanted. We got ALOT of coverage in less than 6 hours! Then we went into the night shoot with the twist ending and fight choreography. I always love shooting fight sequences especially ones where we get to play and create something that feels natural and fluid. Trying out new shots and ways to capture the scene is always a challenge that I enjoy. Like I said at the beginning, I have extremely fond memories of directing this film and working with the cast and crew.

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