Nick And Nicky (2016)

“The bitch is back in town!” ~Detective Margery

Plot Summary: Nick and Nicky have returned to New York as the action begins in order to get married. When an old flame named Trevor bumps into Nick who is a retired private investigator, they end up embroiled in a series of murders while trying to uncover a vicious killer.

Starring…Patrick Askin, Ian Whitt, Sean Young (Blade Runner, Ace Ventura), Deborah Twiss (Kick Ass) Veronica Dash (Cadillac Records), Malachy McCourt (One Life To Live)Written and Produced by Patrick Askin,  Directed by Marcus Slabine

My Experience: Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge horror fan and also try to challenge myself when it comes to making films. Horror is my genre of choice so when I was offered the chance to go out of my comfort zone and do a gay, murder mystery, witty comedy, I said yes. They had shot some b-roll with a friend of mine being the director but when he had to leave the project, they offered it to me and it’s been a very exciting experience.

One of the first things I noticed about the script was it had a VAST number of speaking roles and very different types of characters. I was very excited to dive in and play around with all the different characters and making sure each one stood out on their own.  I also had always wanted to do a good old-fashioned murder mystery like CLUE, which is a film I adore. The locations we have shot at for this film have been nothing less than absolutely astounding such as THE ST. REGIS HOTEL’s KING COLE BAR, VANDERBUILT MANOR, THE TOWNHO– USE, and several other great locations. The film itself is a homage to films of yester-year like THE THIN MAN and MY MAN GODFREY and as a director I try to put my own spin on it all.

Stills from Nick And Nicky
Crime Scene

Behind the scenes of Nick and Nicky

Directing Deborah Twiss and Patrick Askin