About Me

Audit Directing

Born and raised in Stoughton Massachusetts, Marcus has always had a passion for film and making movies. He watched movies nonstop growing up of all kinds which would eventually lead him to creating the now defunct website, KICK ASS HORROR REVIEWS.

After moving and graduating from New York Film Academy, Marcus started working in the film industry full time working on films and TV shows such as THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN 2, PREMIUM RUSH and TV shows such as GOSSIP GIRL, MYSTERIES AT THE M– USEUM and indie films like DISAPPEARANCE OF ELENOR RIGBY, and ANGRIEST MAN IN BROOKLYN. He has since gone on to solely direct, write and produce.

Marcus has since directed 16 Short films with his most recent being JANICE AND THE GOLDEN FLEECE which won Audience choice award, THE AUDIT starring William McNamara and is currently hired to shoot a feature film NICK AND NICKY which stars Sean Young. Marcus is currently prepping to begin production on a new horror film called THE LAST CALL which he wrote and will direct starring DAY OF THE DEAD’s Terry Alexander.

Marcus currently lives in Astoria NY


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